Beatrice Scheubel

public economics, economic history, Bismarck, pension systems, institutions, capital flows, imbalances 


Summer 2016:  "Systems Competition" at Goethe University in Frankfurt.


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Additional information on the Corlett-Hague (and Ramsey) rule: 

  • W. J. Corlett and D. C. Hague, "Complementarity and the Excess Burden of Taxation," The Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 21, No. 1 (1953 - 1954), pp. 21-30.
  • B. Wigger: Grundzüge der Finanzwissenschaft.
  • Or here.

Additional information on fiscal multipliers can be found here and here.

Additional information on the FTT can be found on this page.


Updated set of slides for lecture 3 is now online. Please use the new password.



Reference for tax competition between German jurisdictions: Büttner, T, 2003: "Tax base effects and fiscal externalities of local capital taxation - evidence from a panel of German jurisdictions," Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 54, 110-128.


As decided during the last lecture, I will distribute the material for the lecture via e-mail. Please let me know your e-mail address in case I don't have it already.

To make up for the last lecture, we will start s.t. and end s.t. (i.e. do a full 2 hours of lecture) for the next 3 weeks to cover as much ground as possible before you start with your assignments.


If you would like to take the exam, but are not in my mailing list, please send me a message as soon as possible. The assignment will be circulated on 10 June.



Goethe University Frankfurt:

Systems Competition (Masters level)

Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich:

Systems Competition (PhD level)

Taxation (Advanced level)

Social Policy and the Welfare State (Advanced level)

Public Economics and Economic Policy (Intermediate level)

Microeconomics (Intermediate level)